Network Services


There is absolutely no substitute for a well designed and well supported network environment. Your network is the core of your business and as such you cannot afford to trust this invaluable asset to anyone but knowledgeable experts. Rest assured, IT Safeplace has all of your networking needs covered!

IT Safeplace's friendly, knowledgeable technicians will maintain your network to make ensure that is performing to the highest specification possible. Making sure that your network conforms to industry standards, and that it is still performing the same way as it was on the day that it was set up is important to maintaining the speed of your business. IT Safeplace can provide upgrades and adjustments wherever they are needed to increase the speed of your network and to expand your network with your business as it grows. We are able to work directly with your business in order to work within your budget and to suit your specific business networking needs.

We also offer robust VPN solutions to provide secure connectivity between remote workers and your head office. Ensuring that all of the data which is being sent across other networks is 100% secure is important for business. Should pertinent information be lost or should any of your clients’ information be compromised it can be a serious detriment to your business. We can help set up solutions to make sure that all of the data being sent between your workers and your satellite offices over the Internet is encrypted. Using top-notch encryption we can provide a reliable security plan to protect your privacy and your company/client data whilst communicating via the Internet.

Print services can be provided to connect to multiple printers within your network allowing you to print from each office computer across your network. File sharing over your network can also be set up allowing for the movement of data from machine to machine across your network.


Firewalls protect your data and to protect your network as well. Making sure that your network is 100% secure and accessible by whom you want, when you want is also crucial. Many people will take advantage of an insecure network connection to both connect and use that connection for themselves or to potentially take files from your network. Making sure that your Internet speeds are not compromised and making sure that all of your company data and client data is secured is our first priority, by setting up security and firewalls with intrusion detection we can stop any invaders from gaining access.