About Us


IT Safeplace is a well-established information technology firm that was founded in 2004. Now with over eight years of experience servicing the Niagara region and surrounding areas, IT Safeplace has a loyal base of clients and is always looking to expand and meet new potential businesses and business owners to work with.


Each IT Safeplace technician is a certified professional and our team has over 30 years of combined experience in IT and computer networking providing service to Windows, Mac and UNIX/Linux systems. Each member of the IT Safeplace team is committed to satisfying our clients in making sure that each job we do is done with utmost qualtiy and professionalism to provide our clients with the best possible systems, products and networking technology that is available on the market today.


IT Safeplace operates servers in data centers within OVH (outside of Montreal) and is able to provide backup and web hosting services. All data that is stored on our servers is managed directly by IT Safeplace and it is through this partnership with our data centers that we are committed to providing excellent backup and web hosting services at competitive rates to our clients.


We also provide:

Network consulting: network design, upgrade, security, e-mail set up and communication. We can set up and manage your network as well as provide upgrades and hardware suggestions to help increase the speed at which your business operates ensuring each of your employees has the resources needed to complete their job as efficiently as possible.


Web hosting: domain registration, content management systems, SEO Internet marketing, website maintenance and migration. We can take you through every step of registering your website name to implementing a content management system which will allow you to post without the help of an IT professional or any knowledge of managing a website. From there we can work with you to help optimize your page and market it to make sure that you get the proper amount of exposure. By hosting with us you will be able to take advantage of competitive hosting rates and allow us to make sure that your website is always visible and accessible on our servers. We are more than happy to work one-on-one with our clients to help them achieve a great web presence.


Off-site backups: data backup, data encryption and scheduled backups. We can set up your network to do scheduled data backups to make sure that you never lose any of your important company data. We can also provide encryption and security to make sure that none of your data can be accessed by anyone but the members of your company. Backup of data can be done from any computer with an authorized agent and with the username and password for your server space. You can back up data from a personal computer or from any satellite offices with ease. This will prevent you from losing any of your important data and also help prevent you from experiencing very expensive downtime.